Founded by four curious companions, merchant, miner, gambler and priest, with a fifth, the priests own charge accommodated at his request, the Lodge is, in essence, a traditional tradesman’s guild. Prior to its official recognition by the Octarchy they were but a small company of friends going about their business, reaping the rewards of their collaboration and planning for their future. Today they are at the heart of a brotherhood, a sisterhood, a fraternal

The founders of The Lodge at the the Hydlaa Winch Gate.

organization that offers a pathway to success for the loyal and for the worthy. Whatever your trade, as a member you will be able to ensure a point of sale for your goods and services as well as encouragement and assistance in your chosen field. All we expect in return is your own agreement to pass on what you learn to your fellow guild members. We endeavour to accommodate a wide variety of professions and are funded by donations, preferring our more recent members to invest their profits in their own business concerns.

Joining The Lodge

Recruitment into our ranks as an Associate, where new members can become more familiar with the guild, is open to all. Approach any of our members who wear our guilds Fraternity Ring in person or in writing with an application and they will make the necessary arrangements for prospective recruits to attend an informal interview. The rank of Associate is a short term probationary position from which most will be promptly promoted to the Initiates. Those Associates that already meet the requirements of the higher ranks may be offered further promotion. We look forward to welcoming you into The Lodge.

The First Custodian

Dorbaine Tennet.

As appointed by the founders of The Lodge we welcome Dorbaine Tennet as our first Custodian.


The Lodge categorises the trades into three groups, the lesser, common and high. The Lesser Trades, not to be presumed lesser in importance, are of the Gatherers, miners, harvesters, hunters and the like. The Common Trades are of the Artisans, blacksmith, cook, herbalist and alchemist among them. The High Trades are of the Entrepreneurs who’s less orthodox livings offer goods and services otherwise not available. There are many among them the most common being mage and merchant but there are all manner of High Trades that with some imagination are able to turn a coin.


“Miner, blacksmith & enchanter,

Harvester, hunter and cook.

Herbalist, alchemist & thereafter,

Merchant, mercenary, crook.”

Recent News

*Gedundk promoted to Initiate.

*Gedundk joins The Lodge.

*Kohinor installed as Warden.

*TTC opens for business.

*Ronihok joins The Lodge.

*Kohinor joins The Lodge.

Guild Structure

The Lodge consists of nine ranks divided into three houses.

Our Associates and Initiates are of The Gate House. The Apprentices, Adepts, Masters and Stewards are of The Masters House and the Ministers, Warden and Custodian are of The Lodge House.


Dorbaine Tennet

Published by The Lodge, Hydlaa, 750 AY.

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